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Individual Awards

Selection Criteria

The Cafritz Awards are designed to recognize and reward outstanding performance and exemplary service by DC Government employees. The winners are chosen based upon demonstrated performance and excellence in one or more of the Selection Criteria:

  • Performed an outstanding act which brought positive recognition to the city
  • Successfully initiated and implemented an innovative idea that brought about dramatic results
  • Solved an extraordinary problem or achieved a significantly difficult goal
  • Consistently achieved excellence in overall job performance that is “above and beyond the call of duty”
  • Demonstrated outstanding and inspirational leadership that dramatically improved employee morale and team spirit

Eligibility Criteria

Please note, a nominee or self-nominee must meet all of the following eligibility criteria, in order to be considered for The Cafritz Awards.

  • S/he serves full-time employee of the DC Government (volunteers, temporary, or contract workers are not eligible to participate).
  • By May 2021 s/he would have worked at least five years with the DC Government.
  • S/he DOES NOT serve in any of the following capacities: cabinet-level appointee, department deputy, teacher or principal.

NOTE: Former Cafritz Awards finalists are encouraged to reapply. However, former Cafritz Awards winners are not eligible for the individual Cafritz Awards.

If you are self-nominating, you may skip the nomination form and begin your Application Portfolio.

Application Portfolio Requirements

To proceed for further consideration, all ELIGIBLE nominees and self-nominees are asked to submit an Application Portfolio. The portfolio allows you to tell us more about your accomplishments, and consists of the following sections:

  • Applicant Information
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Current Job Description (can be acquired from your HR department)
  • Description of Accomplishments (essay not to exceed 5000 characters, approx. 825 words)
  • Supplemental Materials: photos and articles (optional)
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation

NOTE: Applicants are advised to ask for recommendation letters from those individuals who can speak to the impact of their work, in order to highlight how these have benefited their respective organizations and the greater DC community.

I made sure I set aside time to give thought to what I wanted to include and work on the application. I prepared the information for each section in Word then I transferred it into the application. I requested recommendation letters, etc. ahead of time while I was doing my part. My advice is don't wait until the deadline.

-Cheryl Robertson
Cafritz Award Winner

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